Volkswagen Van Life For A Weekend - AD

A few weeks ago my boyfriend and I where gifted with the opportunity to go on a mini vacation with a VW camper! As you may understand we didn’t have to think twice before we said yes.

We chose a pretty orange Volkswagen camper with a roof tent. It’s vintage 70’s look and bright color sure makes the van look very cute.

VW Camper - Van life for a weekend

My boyfriend and I were actually quite intrigued by people who actually live in a van or camper, which is why we wanted to try living in a van - may it be just for 2 days - ourselves. So we booked a camping in a forest in The Netherlands and I vlogged our experience:

Layering Contrast - Van life for a weekend

The over all experience as you would have seen in the video was so much fun! The van sure has good looks, and has a very cute feel to it - as any oldtimer has. It was great to have this VW camper for us for a weekend and we really enjoyed our stay in it. One thing to do bare in mind is that you have to take your sweet time driving it. It doesn’t go fast, you have to turn the steering wheel like crazy for it to turn and getting it into next gear doesn’t go easy. But that actually also is part of fun: taking roads through nature instead of the highway and slow down just a bit. Relax. Enjoy the ride.

layering contrast living the volkswagen van life for a weekend

Sleeping in the van was great actually, cooking in the van was not a perfect experience due to lack of space. If you decide to rent this one, I’d highly suggest to just enjoy a local restaurant ;).

layering contrast living the vw van life for a weekend

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I hope you liked this glimpse into our weekend and us trying out the Volkswagen van life for a weekend!

XX Jess